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An old engagement ring mysteriously links families of young sweethearts separated as they flee France
One Ring to Find them all ... One Ring to Guide them all.
One Ring to Bring them all ... and as SoulMates Bind them!

We instinctively felt an unusually strong bond from 1st meeting in Africa, 21Dec'71 at 15&16. Many call that "being Soul mates" without thinking deeply about what that means. We finally understand more about this common phenomenon, though we needed to solve an intriguing 3 century old mystery first! I learned how an heirloom "Silver" & Amethyst engagement ring given to a young girl in France (early 1700's) linked the lives of at least 4 people; 2 young sweethearts in grave danger in France, forced to flee for their lives; later, 2 teen sweethearts in 1970's Africa, for whom the ring (iconically) may become a wedding ring? It's an adventure, starting with young French soul-mates, born around 1687-1689 in France, who are forcibly separated; His family flee to Africa, the W. Cape; hers to England. 150y later her direct descendents arrived in Africa! Their direct French descendents, meet in Africa, 3 centuries later. Two soul-mates reunite! The story then shifts to N. America (1979) and finally to Panama (2006)

Elizabeth (Jennifer in real-life) shown below with her son Jonathan, the author of books 1-6


Elizabeth (above) is still the ring's guardian! The original old oil painting (below) belongs to Nicholas, kept in the master bedroom; both constant reminders of the tenuous, but enduring nature of true-love, which though it's embodied in two persons, if unrequited, lives on long after them, patiently waiting, trying to find the happy ending that's long been eluding it - only now needing their surrogates to do so!

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