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2,100+ Special Recipes: All Low-Carb, Wheat-free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free!


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Low-Carbing Among Friends Vol-3 is the 3rd cookbook of this new collaborative, low-carb team-based cookbook series, whose recipes are 100% low-carb, wheat-free, sugar-free AND also Gluten-free! These innovative recipes are designed by professionals to help you get your figure and your health back, whilst enhancing your enjoyment of food - even returning some of your old favorite treats to you! On 11/11/11 we launched Vol-1, well on 1/1 in 2013 we'll officially have a TRILOGY in of Low-Carbing among Friends books, bringing our recipe total to 1,111 awesome Low-Carb and Gluten-free Recipes from the best-known names (old and new) in the Low-Carbing world! But there's more ...

 Low-Carbing AmongFriends is a most unique cookbook series. Since all of the cookbooks in this series can only be purchased online on the Internet at:  and at: We�ve designed these books as Hybrids, printing them as Perfect-bound paperbacks (or as Coil-bound) and since Color Photos would raise their price too much (the top-20 LC books on Amazon have none) instead we showcase 400+ beautiful color photos for Vol-1, Vol-2 & Vol-3 online at: (click the �RECIPES� button to see them) and yet more on individual blogs of contributing authors, You-Tube videos, Websites and more, also on Facebook at: where you can meet our authors and interact with them, and all of this for around $20. That�s truly unique!

But now there's been a new very exciting development ...

On our FB page ( ) we have two awesome new features! (1) A link to a FULL text-searchable INDEX of our entire FB page (where else have you seen that?) and (2) In the PHOTOS section of our FB page we have beautiful COLOR photos, sorted by author, of all of the recipes! 

We also plan to have a FEATURE article by the well-known Low-Carb personality who put together this incredibly awesome information: Tom Nikkola, Director of Nutrition & Weight Management and Vanessa's Husband, recently published an intriguing compilation of 15 medical studies published in leading medical/scientific journals, comparing Low-fat vs Low-Carb diets and tabulating them � link at: We summarized them in a crude/simple table of averages, just so that we could get the big picture:


Average lbs lost!

HDL Chol (mg/dL)

LDL Chol (mg/dL)

Triglycerides (mg/dL)

∆ Blood Gluc













(1) Weight lost about doubled for LC vs LF (2) HDL improved on LC, not on LF (3) LDL improved on both (more on LF) but the data didn�t differentiate between High vs Low density � pity! (4) Triglycerides for LC improved almost 400% vs LF diets (5) LF did zero for blood Glucose levels but LC sure helped! What�s left to say? �Our faith was well-founded� and �Thanks, Dr. Atkins � you were right!�


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DISCLAIMER: Any diet cookbook discusses Health issues by it's very nature, but with respect to any health related opinions you may encounter in our Books, Websites, Facebooks or Blogs, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and/or consult a Doctor, of your choosing, as per usual. If this is unacceptable to you, then please do not buy our Books or patronize our Websites, Blogs or Facebook pages as what we offer in all of these are well intentioned opinions only not personalized medical/health advise for you, your family or friends/others!