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2,100+ Special Recipes: All Low-Carb, Wheat-free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free!

  George Stella, Jennifer Eloff,Peggy Hardaway, Lisa Marshall, Kent Altena, Stacey Crawford, Sandi DeFalco, Ginny Larsen DJ Foodie, Jonathan Eloff

| George StellaJennifer Eloff  | Peggy Hardaway | Kent Altena |
|Stacey Crawford |Lisa Marshall | DJ-foodie | Sandi DeFalco |Ian|
 |Ginny Larsen | Jonathan Eloff | Dr. Parker |Judy Barnes Baker|

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George Stella George Stella George Stella George Stella George Stella

Dana Carpender

Jimmy Moore


Jimmy Moore

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Jennifer Eloff Jennifer Eloff Jennifer Eloff Jennifer Eloff Jennifer Eloff
George Stella George Stella George Stella George Stella George Stella
  Jonathan Eloff Kent Altena   Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall Lisa Marshall Peggy Hardaway    
Kent Altena   Stacey Crawford Judy Barnes-Baker  
    Judy Barnes-Baker Karen Sorenson  
Maria Emmerich Maria Emmerich Carolyn Ketchum Carolyn Ketchum Maria Emmerich
Carolyn Ketchum Ginny Larsen Vanessa Romero   DJ Foodie
    Kyndra Holly    
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Doctors Doctors Doctors Doctors Doctors
Dr. Briffa Dr. Parker Dr. Parker Dr. Parker Dr. Su
Dr. Eenfeldt Dr. Su Dr. Su    
Dr. Parker        
Dr. Su        

FORMAT NOTE: Vol-1&2 used to contain substantial mini-cookbooks organized by author, so it made sense to keep author's recipes in separate sections, by category, with an INDEX that listed all recipes by category to aggregate recipes of all authors that way. However, now Vol-1&2 and Vol-3, 4 & 5 and subsequent books have all their recipes listed by category, with the author's name identified along with each recipe, making it much easier to find any recipe, and all books now include the World's TOP Low-Carb Cookbook authors (George Stella and Jennifer Eloff) PLUS also MANY COLOR photos! There's many more great books to come from "Team low-Carb" Vol-6,7&8 + soon more!

Authors in GREEN BOXES are for NEW revised editions. They are the "Current editions"!
Authors in RUST BOXES
are for OLD editions. A few remain for sale as "Vintage editions"

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DISCLAIMER: Any diet cookbook discusses Health issues by it's very nature, but with respect to any health related opinions you may encounter in our Books, Websites, Facebooks or Blogs, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and/or consult a Doctor, of your choosing, as per usual. If this is unacceptable to you, then please do not buy our Books or patronize our Websites, Blogs or Facebook pages as what we offer in all of these are well intentioned opinions only not personalized medical/health advise for you, your family or friends/others!