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2,100+ Special Recipes: All Low-Carb, Wheat-free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free!

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Jonathan Eloff

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Jonathan Eloff is author of the Africa's Snow White series of novels, which are based on his family's story, starting in South Africa over 40 years ago. The series is a drama/romance which goes to prove that the truth really is stranger than fiction. He is also the author of several Science Fiction novels (See Below) which together have sold more than a Million copies and have over 5,000 AMAZON Reviews - almost all 5 & 4 star. This young man is definitely a bonafide star!

When Jonathan's not writing novels, he's busy working with the Aurum Group on the next book in the Low-Carbing Among Friends series. His tasks within the company range from copyediting to cover design and website development--even contributing recipes ... as in Vol-2.

If he's not sitting working at his desk, Jonathan will invariably be in the gym, acting in a local TV commercial, learning Spanish, reading a book or spending time with his lovely wife, their son and their 2 dogs - in S. America.

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